5 Amazon Prime Big Deals Day Deals Worth Getting

Amazon’s having one of its heavily hyped sales day — in this case a “Big Deals Day”. Lots of discounts — and here’s five I reckon are actually worth pursuing.

There are of course countless articles hoovering up all of them in one big list, but I figure that loses the factor of whether something’s just “cheaper” rather than “worth buying”.

So having browsed through the Amazon lists, here’s five deals I reckon you should try to grab (stock permitting, not my call) — and why.

Apple Watch Ultra $1,309 (20% off)

Why: This isn’t the newer Apple Watch Ultra 2, but it’s still a discount on a very good Apple Watch; while the pitch is for the more extreme athlete (or scuba diver) the extra display space and especially extra battery life makes the Apple Watch Ultra a really easy recommendation.

Lego Icons Atari 2600 $270 (20% off)

Why: Do I have to explain Lego to anyone? Anyone?

Well, OK, this one particularly tickles the retro gaming sections of my brain, it’s true. But Lego’s attention to detail with these recreation systems is just so spot on, it’s rather hard to resist.

Amazon eero Pro 6 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system with built-in Zigbee smart home hub (3-pack) $499 (44% off)

Why: Mesh networking gear — at least the good stuff — is rarely inexpensive. This isn’t just a price deal, however; this exact set is what I’m using to send this article to the web, because it’s what I’ve got running my home office.

Rock solid, good signal, easy to configure — everything that a good Mesh networking setup should be.

Amazon Kindle (2022 release) $149 (17% off)

Why: Not a big shock that Amazon might be discounting its own hardware on a sale day, so this does fit more into the regular discounts cycle, really.

Still, I’m a big advocate for reading, and with apps like Calibre you’re also not just stuck buying books from the Kindle store if you want to expand your reading horizons.

Mario Golf: Super Rush – Nintendo Switch $44.95 (44% off)

Why: Golf? Really? I mean, I guess I am a middle aged white guy, so it maybe fits… but no, typically I have little time for regular Golf or indeed Golf video games.

But Mario Golf’s different — a lot more hectic, a lot more fun and it’s also a first party Switch title at a significant discount, which really doesn’t happen that often.

Deals can expire (and they do), not responsible if that happens, affiliate links above, etc, etc. Something has to keep the lights on around here.

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