Apple iPhone 15 Pro/Plus Rolling Review [Video]

iPhone 15 Pro Unboxing
Something a little different is called for from my iPhone 15 reviews this year, I feel. Here’s day one of my rolling iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Plus reviews.

Which is why, while there will be full text reviews of the new iPhones here in a week or so — I like to take my time and test things properly rather than get caught up in marketing-led hype waves — I’m also going to be doing a day-by-day vlog of my observations and also dealing with any viewer queries or tests they’d like run.

Here’s day one — because they’ve literally just arrived — dealing with unboxing and first impressions. Got anything you’d like to know or like to see tested (excluding drop tests and destruction tests generally, because I’m not made of money…) ? Drop a comment below and I’ll get onto it!

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