Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro vs Google Pixel 7 Pro: Low Light/Night Camera Shootout

How do the premium flagships from Apple, Google and Samsung compare? I went out into the night to find out.

Most normal people spend their Sunday nights watching TV, doing the dishes or dealing with that sense of existential dread when they realise that Monday is right around the corner.

Me? I head out into a field with thousands of dollars worth of smartphones to put them to the test. My job is weird sometimes.

Specifically, I’ve got the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to test out for a fortnight, and I wanted to see how well it shot in low light compared to Apple’s impressive iPhone 14 Pro or Google’s Pixel 7 Pro. In the flagship space right now, they’re your three best options, and Samsung wants to claim that the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best choice possible.

But is it? Let’s let the video tell the tale.

This followed on from my hands-on with the S23 Ultra the other day, which I also dropped into my YouTube channel. You really ought to consider subscribing*.


Want even more Galaxy S23 Ultra camera talk? In this week’s episode of Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News, Adam Turner and I caught up with camera expert Leigh Stark from Pickr to talk all things Galaxy S23 Ultra — and especially the cameras.

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