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So… what’s all this about, then?

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Alex Reviews Tech is brought to you by Alex Kidman, a multi-award-winning Australian technology journalist with over 25 years of experience reporting on the Australian technology scene, predominantly in the consumer and small business spaces.

Over the years, Alex (that’s me, and it’s weird writing in this style, but let’s go with it for now) has held editor positions at CNET Australia, Gizmodo Australia, ZDNet Australia, GameSpot AU, PC Mag Australia and Finder, as well as contributing to (deep breath) The Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Financial Review, News.com.au, The Courier Mail, The ABC, Pickr, GadgetGuy.com.au, Techly, Atomic, MacWorld Australia, PC User, TechLife, TechRadar, CRN, PC World Australia, Good Gear Guide and many, many more.

I’ve also been seen on Channel 7, the ABC and SBS, and you can catch me on a very regular basis talking technology across the ABC Radio network in Australia, including regular technology discussion segments on ABC Radio Shepparton and ABC Radio Western Plains.

I’m also one half of the Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News Podcast (you should subscribe) and a YouTube reviewer (again, you should also subscribe).

I’ve been around. I’ve seen things. I’ve written about them, podcasted about them, shot video about them and been interviewed about them.

Which tells you a little bit about me, but not about what this site is for.

Alex Reviews Tech is where I can leverage my experience to deliver honest, worthwhile news, reviews and commentary, all built around my own testing and my own viewpoint.

There’s a lot of good tech journalism in Australia, and a lot of good tech journalists. There’s also stuff that’s… well… not so good.

I want to steer away from that, so my ideal here is to provide useful journalism where I can provide a genuinely worthwhile piece of content, whether that’s a video review, a how to guide or just a fun bit of musing on technology past and present.

That’s why I’m not covering every single tech story out there.

For a start, there’s plenty of other outlets with more budget for writers than I have, and they’re already doing that job. I don’t want to compete in the churnalism game, because I don’t feel like it has much value. I’d rather do a smaller number of valuable pieces than just be part of the crowd re-writing endless press releases and adding little to nothing to them.

Instead, I want to add value, so if I do write up a product, news story or announcement, it’s because I’ll value add that with some perspective, or options on alternative products, or similar.

Over the many years I’ve been working as a technology journalist I’ve seen so, so much unexamined hype go straight through to the keeper. That’s not what I want to do.

Instead, I’d like to do what good tech journalism should do: Inform and educate. These days, technology is everywhere, so the days of it being the geeks-and-nerds-only club are well and truly over.

I happily identify as both, and that’s fine too, but realistically everyone interacts with and buys technology on a daily basis.

For the tech and tech PR community: I’m more than happy to get your pitches for stories, products and announcements; contact me via the email above. Also happy to get in products for review as and when they’re available and suitable.

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