Hey, what if I did all this myself?

I guess it’s time to more formally launch this whole enterprise. Welcome to AlexReviewsTech.

So, while I’ve been publishing here for about a month, it’s largely been in an experimental mode,.

I’ve been playing around with what’s possible in WordPress, what I could do and how, and to an extent what I wanted to do for the next little while.


I’ve been a tech journo now since 1998, and that was (if you need reminding) a long time ago.


But tech journalism has changed a lot in that time. I can rest on a certain quantity of experience here, of course, but equally it’s become very challenging, especially for a freelancer like me.

So, while I’m not giving up my exclusive freelance jacket (if you have need of a writer, presenter, podcaster or editor on a freelance basis, drop me a line), I also want to leverage that experience in a useful way. There’s some exceptional Australian technology journalists out there, as well as a quantity of content that is… of lesser quality.


I don’t want to focus on that to any great extent, but instead use this particular platform for news, reviews and opinions that might have some genuine use to consumers. It’s also where I can promote and use my video content in a more meaningful way, embedding useful content into reviews and news pieces as and when it makes sense. There’s plenty of folks who want to see rather than read, or vice versa, and I want to serve both markets.



Because I can.

I’ve been on this journey before in a different setting about a decade ago, and while that project concluded in its own time, the circumstances then were quite different (as they are now). Also, because I find myself with useful skills that I want to keep sharp, and this helps me do that, while hopefully producing something that’s more than just plain churnalism or endless product spruiking or the like. I’ve been called a caustic critic more than once, and I don’t see that as a bad thing in any way at all.

What does all of this mean?


If you’re a reader or viewer, welcome aboard. Happy to take feedback on any article, any review, or even requests if you’ve got questions to hand.

If you’re in PR or marketing for tech products, drop me a line via email. I’m fine with email, you do not need the followup phone call. Happy to get review products in as and when they’re available to Australian consumers, interview access, maybe even a coffee or two. 

While I’m sure it won’t stop them, to be clear, I have zero interest in your make-money-fast-but-you-will-not, lose-weight-rapidly-from-your-wallet, invest-in-this-can-and-will-miss-scheme, or (sigh) your new crypto-or-NFT systems.

If you’re a rich philanthropist with a keen eye to funding an independent media site, drop me a line (and some money).

Hey, it’s gotta be worth a try, right?

More realistically, I’m also going to be using this platform to experiment with different funding models; where there’s affiliate links they’ll be made clear, ads are available and I’m open to other approaches. Like the button below. Click it if you’re feeling generous in my direction for any reason at all (or no reason, the money tastes the same).

You can find out more about AlexReviewsTech at the About page, naturally.

4 thoughts on “Hey, what if I did all this myself?”

  1. Always love seeing someone stake it out on their own! Open to chat and did my masters thesis project on independent journalism so happy to share resources and findings I learned.

    Is there a good way to subscribe via email?

    erin 🙂

    (Email address obscured by Alex)

    1. Hi Erin,

      Email/Newsletter stuff is on my to-do list, though at this stage I’m not sure about update scheduling and whether it’s going to make a whole lot of sense early on. Happy to be proved wrong 🙂

    1. Would that it were that simple — I’m all too well aware that few like online advertising, but something’s got to pay the bills. More than happy to talk to sponsors, but the practical reality (at the time of writing) is that this is a brand new publication in its fledgling state, and what most sponsors look for is scale. That will come with time. Practically speaking within the tech niche, there’s few that aren’t using a mixed model between affiliate, sponsorships, patreons etc. You’re more that welcome to tap the donate button at the bottom of most articles to help out, for example.

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