Apple’s “Scary Fast” Event: How to watch in Australia and what to expect

Apple Scary Fast logo
Apple’s announced a new product launch event (though it’s pretty obvious) dubbed “Scary Fast”. Here’s how to watch it in Australia and what to expect.

It feels like it wasn’t that long ago (because it wasn’t) that Apple launched the iPhone 15 line, but in the intervening period we’ve had rumours of launches for everything between new iPads (didn’t happen) to the new Apple Pencil (did happen, but I’m still scratching my head about it).

Now we’ve got another, with Apple announcing a “Scary Fast” event for the 30th of October as an online-only launch event.

When is the Apple Scary Fast Event?

Officially it’s on the 30th of October at 5pm PT, quite a bit later than the usual Apple morning US start time it usually keeps to.

Those early start times are useful if you’re in the States, less so here in Australia where they usually amount to a coffee-slurping very early start. Here, however, the time difference works fairly well in our favour, unless you’re in Western time zones Here’s how those times stack up across Australia.

Location Time/Date
Perth (AWST) 7:00am 31st October 2023
Brisbane (AEST) 10:00am 31st October 2023
Adelaide (ACST) 10:30am 31st October 2023
Sydney/Melbourne (AEDT) 11:00am 31st October 2023

So what is Apple going to announce at its Scary Fast event?

Flying Apple Cars with holographic interfaces!

Flying Apple Car
EXCLUSIVE…ly made up.

OK, probably not that. The smart money is pointing towards new MacBook Pros (and maybe a new iMac model) running on M3 generation chips… though the same smart money in the rumour mill was saying only a few weeks ago that those same M3 chips would be delayed through to early 2024.

Apple Scary Fast logo transforms into Apple Finder
I see what you did there, Mr Cook.

Apple’s event page has a monochrome Apple logo transforming into an Apple Finder logo though, so it’s not exactly subtly pointing towards some level of Mac announcement.

Of course, Apple could announce a new series of laptops and a desktop computer that might be hard to actually buy before 2024, but it would seem weird for them to do so this close to the Christmas buying season.

How can I watch the Apple Scary Fast event?

The usual places — Apple’s event channel on Apple TV, the Apple website and YouTube are the obvious candidates — and indeed, Apple’s already got a placeholder ready to roll on YouTube, which you can stare at below for the next week if you’re really keen.

Or come back at the appointed time above to watch. Your call.

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