Hey, I won an award!

IT Journo Award 2024
Just a tiny bit of tooting my own horn. After all, if I don’t promote me, who will?

Last Friday the 2024 IT Journo Awards were held in Sydney, and I was a personal finalist in three categories, and a publication finalist in two others — specifically up for Best Technical Journalist, Best Reviewer and Best Consumer Technology Journalist, as well as being in the running for Best Independent Media (for Alex Reviews Tech and Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News) and Best Audio (Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News).

The bad news? Didn’t win for any of the publication gongs, or for best technical journalist.

However, I was highly commended for Best Reviewer (an award I’ve won twice in the past, and with an insanely talented field of individuals to compete against, which is great in and of itself)… and to my great surprise I won the Helen Dancer Best Consumer Technology Journalist award outright!

I really wasn’t prepared for that, so my speech wasn’t up to much, frankly. I’m still hoping it made some kind of sense to someone who was there… but clearly I do have a lot of people to thank, including the publications that employed me as a freelancer such as Reviews.Org/AU and Gizmodo Australia, as well as, well… me. For this site you’re reading right now.

Right, enough personal back-patting, Kidman. Back to the word mill!

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