Is Foxtel actually planning on raising the price of the Hubbl Set Top Box?

Hubbl Set Top Box (Image: Hubbl)

Foxtel’s Hubbl set top box costs $99… but is this actually just an “introductory” price point?

I reviewed Foxtel’s Hubbl set top box a little while back, noting that while it had issues, its $99 price point, given that it includes an antenna socket did give it some value depending on how it is you choose to watch TV.

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Typically, that would be where I end with a review product, save for the fact that the necessary research into any review inevitably leads to my web searches and any advertising afterwards being utterly infected with ads for that product or its competitors.

You know how if you look up a pair of boots online, for weeks later you’ll see nothing but boots ads on nearly every page you visit?

Like that, but magnified 100 times over, because I review a lot of products. My advertising profile must be… messy… but I digress.

So then last week, this popped up as a sponsored post in my Facebook feed:

Hubbl $99


OK, that all looks pretty straightforward, that’s the Hubbl Set Top box for sure… but why does it say “introductory price” there?

There’s never been any suggestion in any of the media materials that it’s only a starting price during the launch phase, and while there’s an asterisk next to the $99 Hubbl price there, it only leads to a note that comments that it applies to the Hubbl (Small Device) only. Which is fair enough; the Hubbl Glass TV is considerably more expensive.

Head to the Hubbl site, and the Hubbl Set Top box is indeed, only $99… but there’s something about this ad that I plain I don’t like, and here’s why.

“Introductory Price” right next to a picture of the Hubbl Set Top Box does (I think) create something of an impression that the price of that product is not set, and will rise at some point; that’s classically what an introductory or early price point does, to entice consumers to buy quickly before the price rises.

Is Foxtel going to raise the price of the Hubbl Set Top box? Probably not, or you’d hope not, anyway, in order to remain competitive.

As noted, I first saw this sponsored post last week, and I put the question to Foxtel to answer… but so far I’ve heard nothing in response to that email at all, so I can’t definitively say.

I’ll be happy to run any comment I can get from Foxtel around this as and when and if they actually do respond.

Which leaves it in an awkward position. Either the plan is for the Hubbl box to raise in price from its $99 price point, in which case the post is fine, though the strategy there is downright weird.

Or it’s staying at $99, at which point the post could have the potential to mislead consumers, I think. I’m not sure what the legal position there would be, frankly, and I really can’t afford the lawyers to find out, though I am now getting a mix of the “introductory” post in my feeds as well as a post that lacks that term.

Which again, is just downright odd.

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  1. I’ve been given one for $0, based I think on my being an existing subscriber, and/or having signed up for more info pre-release.

    I thought it might solve my sunset-ting Telstra box issue, but no, due to some Hubbl business decisions.

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