Nothing 2 and Nothing 2a Phones are coming to Australia: Pricing, Specifications and early thoughts

Nothing Phone 2
The Nothing Phone 2 and Nothing Phone 2a are headed to Australia; here’s the basic rundown of each phone plus my early thoughts.

Nothing Phone 2/Nothing Phone 2a specifications

When can I buy the Nothing Phone 2/Nothing Phone 2a in Australia?

They'll be available from the 11th of April 2024, exclusively through JB Hi-Fi.

How much do the Nothing Phone 2 and Nothing Phone 2a cost in Australia?

Pricing varies by specification, with the Nothing Phone 2a retailing at either $529 or $599 outright, while the Nothing Phone 2 will run you either $999 or $1099.

Nothing Phone 2/Nothing Phone 2a: Alex's early thoughts

This one is... interesting. The Nothing Phone 2 is a little old in the tooth, even if the 2a is newer, but both are pitched as affordable options, and that's very much reflected in their underlying specifications.

A lot of what Nothing has done internationally is to sell on a combination of relative mid-range value along with a serious dollop of style. They're genuinely interesting looking phones, if nothing else.

The obvious competitor here is Google, given both the branding and the commitment to multi-year software upgrades, something that only Samsung has recently been pushing heavily with devices like the Galaxy A55 and Galaxy A35 phones.

Then again, Samsung sells a lot wider than just JB Hi-Fi, though equally it's not as though if you were super keen you couldn't have imported a Nothing Phone 2 or Nothing Phone 2a before now.

What will be interesting to see is if Nothing commits to bringing new models to the Australian market when they're actually new from now on; I can well recall when this was the plan from (for example) OnePlus, but that never really came to fruition.

I've put in a request for review units, so hopefully I should be able to bring you local reviews of the Nothing Phone 2 and Nothing Phone 2a directly.

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1 thought on “Nothing 2 and Nothing 2a Phones are coming to Australia: Pricing, Specifications and early thoughts”

  1. Will look forward to local review on the 2A model in particular…been tossing up possible alternatives to my ageing A31!

    Seemingly down to the cheaper Moto G54/84 models,(wallet friendly,but bad software support), & thus far the newer 2024 Moto models seem a downgrade!

    Then there’s the comparison with this vs Samsung A35…little longer software support on Samsung (but always a bit wary any major OS upgrade seems to be a black hole on Battery recharge thereafter),& better IP Screen protection rating,but less ram at 6gb vs 2A’s 8gb minimum,& on paper better camera specs even though not expecting state of the art at this price level.

    But how it goes under Aussie 5g,& WiFi performance comparison will be curious. Albeit always the dread transferring from one model to another even if they’re both Android!

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