Acerpure Clean V1 Lite Review: Light on weight, light on power

Acerpure V1 Lite Vacuum Cleaner

As a basic simple cleaning vacuum cleaner, the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite will get the job done in a very lightweight style – but that’s not always a good thing.

Pros Cons
Incredibly light weight makes it easy to use Low suction power not suitable for heavier carpet types
USB-C recharging Very short battery life
Included tools are neat Corner tool is less useful than you might think

Score: 3/5


Mention Acer to most folks, and they will probably think of Laptops or Monitors or similar regular everyday productivity technology.

The company recently launched its Acerpure brand in Australia, bringing a range of home whitegoods into the mix, including the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite, an extremely lightweight vacuum cleaner.

It’s decent enough for very basic quick vacuum cleanup, but unfortunately that lightweight style also has its drawbacks.


Acerpure V1 Lite Vacuum Cleaner

The Acerpure Clean V1 Lite is a stick style vacuum cleaner that I’m certain Acer would maintain has a completely original design… but come on, this thing is 100% a lightsaber in vacuum form. There’s simply no way any self-respecting Star Wars fan won’t unleash their inner child and Vwing this vacuum cleaner around in the air before using it every time.

The big hook for the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite is its extremely light weight, measuring in at just 550g all up.To give that some context, that’s only 52g heavier than a regular iPad. It’s surprisingly light, so even though I knew that this was the selling point, I was still impressed by it the first time I picked it up.

That light weight doesn’t lend itself to a whole lot of controls, however, with a single on/off button controlling power, and that’s your lot. Don’t look to the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite if you want variable suction modes, because it only goes at the one speed.

Acer does provide a number of vacuuming tools in the box with the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite as well. There’s a 2-in-1 head that provides a carpet brush or crevice tool, an extension tube to make it feasible to use standing up unless you’re seriously tall and an arrow-shaped tool that’s meant to make it simpler to get dust and debris out of corners.

All of these tools simply attach via friction rather than a direct locking mechanism. That does make them simple to switch out at need, though I do wonder about the long-term durability issue here.

You also get a small Vacuuum cleaner stand as well as a USB-A to USB-C cable, used for charging.


Acerpure V1 Lite Vacuum Cleaner
The core idea behind the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite isn’t that you’ll use it to clean your entire home, unless you live in a very small one-room apartment perhaps. Instead, it’s in that category of handy vacuums – think Dustbuster, though that’s a trademark – designed to clean up life’s smaller spills and misadventures.

So I set to putting the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite through its paces in my Sydney home, knowing upfront that it wasn’t going to cover every single task in the house due to a scale mismatch.

The Acerpure Clean V1 Lite is lightweight in the hand, and that’s a big plus if you do have grip or comfort issues with heavier stick vacuums, but it comes at a price. The suction on the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite just isn’t that impressive on anything but the lowest level carpets or optimally hard flooring surfaces. On my hardwood floors and a room that has carpet tiles, it did quite well at picking up dust and debris, and the same was true for simple furniture cleaning too.

As you might expect, if you’re using the extension tube you’re also paying a suction price, because it drops due to having to navigate a longer distance to the actual vacuum head.

On heavier carpets and rugs, its effect was almost imperceptible. That’s not unusual for compact vacuums of this style, but it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re thinking that the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite will do absolutely every surface all the time.

The smaller size of the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite also means you’re not dealing with a large dustbin either. The dust bin has a capacity of 150ml, and while it does a fair job of compacting up debris, that’s not a huge capacity any way you look at it.

One task the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite is genuinely excellent at dealing with are spiderwebs in roof corners. Maybe that’s just a me type problem, but if you do have a ceiling that’s a bit hard to reach otherwise, the light weight and suction of the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite works a treat here.

The 2-in-1 Carpet and Crevice tool works fairly well at getting into those smaller areas, but I found the arrow corner head less useful than I expected. The concept is sound, but the light construction of the head and the tiny wheels on the head means that it bounces around more than I’d like, especially if you opt to slide in and out of a corner to comprehensively cover an area.

Bouncing the head up means that you’re not actually cleaning anything, because the head is now in the air, which is frustrating.


Acerpure V1 Lite Vacuum Cleaner
I absolutely love the fact that the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite charges over USB-C, because it means you’ve almost certainly already got a compatible charger ready to roll for it.

The issue here is that you’re going to need it more than you might think you might.

Acer has achieved the light weight of the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite by keeping everything light, and that includes the battery capacity. It packs in a 2000mAh battery – so your smartphone has more power – that’s rated for just 15 minutes of run time.

If you’re only using the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite to clean up a quick flour spill on the kitchen floor that might be ample, but if you’re doing a bunch of spot cleaning, that 15 minute run time peters out faster than you might think. There’s a noticeable drop in cleaning pressure as you get to the end of its battery runtime too. Charging is quite slow too, at 4 hours for a full charge from a standard phone charger socket.

I experimentally tried using a higher capacity USB PD charger to see if I could speed the process, but the Acerpure Clean V1 Lite was having none of it, outright refusing to charge at all even though the PD specification should allow it to step down to a slower charge rate.

Acerpure Clean V1 Lite: Alex’s Verdict

Acerpure V1 Lite Vacuum Cleaner
The Acerpure Clean V1 Lite is an interesting take on the smaller portable vacuum concept. It 100% is not going to be a replacement for a full house vacuum for anyone living in a space larger than a prison cell.

Its battery life isn’t much to get excited about, and I suspect owners would probably leave it on a charger most of the time just to avoid needing it only to find it was already flat.

That being said, for those who need a simple cleaning tool that truly doesn’t weigh your arms down at all, it could be a good match for your needs.

Acerpure Clean V1 Lite: Pricing and availability

The Acerpure Clean V1 Lite retails in Australia for $199 outright.

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