MG4 will cost from $44,990 in Australia

The MG4 will come in 64kWh Excite, 64kWh Essence and 77kWh Essence variants.

MG formally unveiled the MG4 a few weeks ago, but was mum on the price at first, before stating that the 64kWh Essence was going to sell for $47,990 a few weeks back.

Today it’s lifted the pricing veil off the rest of the range, announcing that the lower-spec 64kWh Excite will set you back $44,990 (before any state variances or rebates that may apply), while the longer range 77kWh model will run $55,990.

Alex’s Take

The pricing isn’t terribly surprising here, and I’ll be keen to give the MG4 a spin as and when I can. Still, it’s not going to do much for those who want to argue (not always correctly) about relative EV prices in Australia.

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