MG announces MG4 Australian Pricing

Not as cheap as most would have hoped for, with pricing for the higher spec MG4 Essence landing from $47,990.

A little while ago, I attended MG’s launch of the MG4 in Australia as part of Fully Charged Live. You can watch that below:

At the time, MG Australia simply announced that it would be coming in the third quarter, but wouldn’t be drawn on exact pricing.

Based on overseas pricing, there was hope that it would cost less than the existing MG ZS EV (which I’ve reviewed here)… but it basically isn’t so.

MG Australia’s just announced pricing as (to quote directly)

pre-sales of the 64kWh Essence model of MG’s newest EV model are underway at $47,990 (AUD) plus on-road costs

That price buys you an MG4 with a claimed range of 435km, 64kWh battery, as well as Essence-specific extras including a two-tone roof, twin aero rear spoiler, 360-degree camera, wireless phone charging and iSmart app connectivity. If the base model is anything like the ZS EV, the range won’t change for the cheaper car… whenever we see that one.

The MG4 Essence pricing is cheaper than the Essence model of the ZS EV, but right up there compared to the pricing of the lower-spec Excite ZS EV model.

MG did have a lower-spec MG4 on the floor at Fully Charged Live, but again no word on pricing for that model — though hopefully it’ll be cheaper again.

I also discussed the MG4 with AAP’s Jennifer Dudley Nicholson in a recent episode of the Vertical Hold podcast; you can listen to that ep below:

Alex’s take

We’re still waiting, it seems, for that sub-$40K EV.

The MG4 Essence won’t be it, and if MG keeps to roughly the same pricing differential as it has for the ZS Excite/Essence, that’ll probably see the lower-spec MG4 land here at around $44,990.

That is before any state-based incentives of course, but it’s also probably the lowest cost figure for the car, as state-based pricing for the ZS EV does vary, and MG’s release notes that state-based pricing will apply for the MG4 as well.

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