Can you play Resident Evil 4 for WAY less than the remake price? (Spoiler: YES)

The long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 4 appears to be a great update to one of the all-time classic games. But if you’re feeling the pinch and want to scratch that zombie itch, you can do so for quite a bit less than its current asking price.

I should point out at the outset that I’ve not played the new remake of Resident Evil 4 just yet. But based on critical reviews, it looks like Capcom has (mostly) done the classic game proud, with most critics very pleased with the updates to visuals, controls and gameplay challenge.

Which is great, and if you want to pick up a copy, here’s a link straight to Amazon to pre-order one.

(Yes, that’s an affiliate link. I need to afford to eat every once in a while).

But, not to put too fine a point on it, that linked copy of the new remake will run you $84.99; it’s even more in some other places. EBGames, for example, wants $109.95 for it.

Which is a lot of money any way you look at it. Resi 4 is a great game (or at least the classic is, but there are reviews out there from journos I trust, so it would seem to hold for the remake), and value is relative.

However, Resident Evil 4 isn’t a new game, and if you just wanted to scratch that Resident Evil itch, the practical reality is that you could do so for quite a bit less than even that $84.99 asking price.

The really easy way (if you have a PS4 or Xbox One)

While there’s a PS4 version of the remake, it’s not the only way to take in the essence of Resident Evil 4. There’s a full version for PS4 and Xbox One (albeit without the fancy remake upgrades and control schemes).

And it costs just $33 on Amazon right now.

Not the full refreshed experience (for sure)… but not a million miles from it either.

The other really easy way (if you still have a Wii or can find one cheap)

While Resident Evil 4 first emerged for the Nintendo GameCube as a timed exclusive (it would later come to the PS2 and Capcom’s been porting it ever since), the Wii version was highly regarded in its time with some clever motion control added. Yes, this was one of the games that used waggle reasonably well. Yes, there were a few of those…

Anyway, if there’s a Wii gathering dust in your cupboard, a second-hand copy of Resident Evil is pretty cheap on the open market. On eBay, I could easily find several copies running about $20.

Actually, it’s not too hard to find a Wii for around that kind of money; a quick dive into eBay finds consoles for around $20-$25 all up at the time of writing.

All up that’d be $45 — or about half the price of the remake.

The other, really, really easy way (Switch owner’s edition)

Got a Nintendo Switch?

Nice, isn’t it?

Capcom has also ported Resident Evil 4 (again, NOT the fancy new remake, before you get too excited), and it’s currently on sale on the Switch eShop (and this seems to happen pretty regularly) for $14.95. That’s about the cheapest copy I could find, although I would make the point that it’s a digital copy, not physical, so in some senses you can argue you’re just “renting” it…

Now, to be clear, I’m not saying don’t buy the remake.

It looks swish, and for gamers who have never played Resident Evil 4 its upgrades may make it a more compelling horror adventure.

But I was curious given that price point if it was going to be possible to pick it up a whole lot cheaper. And for the core story and experience, it absolutely is.

Image: Capcom

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