The Humble EDF Bundle is packed with alien ant blasting fun

Humble EDF Bundle (Image: EDF 5)

The Humble EDF bundle is an absolute can’t miss proposition if you enjoy actual fun in your video games.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t call out any particular Humble Bundle, because there are just so many of them all of the time. The days when a Humble Bundle were an event in themselves were… ooh, at least a decade and a half ago, frankly.

But still, I’m compelled to point out the current Huble Bundle, which packs in EDF 4.1 (and all of its DLC), EDF 4.1 Wingdiver The Shooter, EDF 5, EDF Iron Rain and EDF World Brothers into one extremely affordable package.

At the time of writing the entire package is running at $27.11 all up, with your typical lower-tier packages containing less value.

If you’re particularly strapped for cash, $1.50 would buy you EDF 4.1, and that’s spectacular value (and a lot of fun) all by itself.

If nothing else it’ll provide a primer for you for when EDF 6 finally arrives in an English-language edition later this year.

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I’m something of an EDF zealot, if that wasn’t obvious, primarily because while most military shooters leave me yawning, EDF is just so plainly B-Movie ridiculous as to avoid (or outright satirise) the worst gung-ho tropes of the style. It’s big, bodacious, deliberately janky blasting fun, and not to be missed.

You can grab the Humble EDF bundle here.

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