6 Black Friday Tech Deals (For Products Actually Worth Buying)

Black Friday Sale

The Black Friday/Cyber-Monday/November-Is-Sales-Hell period is upon us, with a slew of “bargains”… but not all of them are great value. Here’s 6 products I’ve reviewed that you can score serious and worthwhile discounts on.

Right about now, if you go anywhere on the Internet, you’ll be awash in pages urging you to buy, buy, BUY, because the US-imported tradition of Black Friday sales are (typically) quite good times to get decent discounts on all sorts of products and services.

All well and good… but a lot of these roundups just hoover up numbers and percentages, with little regard to whether the underlying products were any good to start with. Sure, getting them for less does raise their value a little — but I’d much rather promote the idea of people buying products that are actually good in the first place. That way, the discount is just the cherry on top, no?

Here’s 6 products available (at the time of writing, I’m not responsible for items being withdrawn/sold out/etc, etc) at discount that I reckon are worth your while, with links to my full reviews for each.

Disclaimer: Prices were as advertised at time of writing, I’m not responsible for items going out of stock or not being available in a certain colour or style, and yes, these are affiliate links, something’s got to keep the lights on around here. If you’d prefer to support me a different way, you can always support independent media by dropping a little something in the tip jar.

Apple Watch Ultra

What Amazon’s selling here is the original model Apple Watch Ultra, not the Ultra 2. However, as I noted in my review of the Ultra 2, while it’s a great watch in its own right, it’s mostly a gentle upgrade on the original model — and at a price point hundreds of dollars less than the Ultra 2, getting the original Ultra is a bit of a steal.

You can read my original review of the first gen Apple Watch Ultra over at Finder.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Buy The Apple Watch Ultra! Buy On Amazon

GoPro Hero 12 Black

GoPro’s latest update to its Hero line of action cameras has a little something for everybody (as long as you don’t need GPS). I really rather liked it, though it is only a gentle evolution of the GoPro Hero 11 Black that I reviewed here. But at a saving of over $100, if you’ve got the need for a rugged camera, this one’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Read my full GoPro Hero 12 Black Review.

GoPro Hero 12 Black Buy The GoPro Hero 12 Black! Buy On Amazon

Motorola Moto G14

Deals don’t have to be all about the fancy high-priced gear, either. I quite liked the Motorola Moto G14 not because it was high-end, but because it was nicely affordable. With Amazon dipping the asking price below $200, it’s even nicer.

Read my full Motorola Moto G14 review here.

Buy The Motorola Moto G14! Buy On Amazon

Shokz OpenFit Headphones

True wireless headphones that don’t have buds that sit in your ears should be a recipe for audio disaster — and yet somehow the Shokz OpenFit headphones work exactly that way, and quite well. You do typically pay a price premium for that at $289, but Amazon’s cut that down to a pleasing $245 right now.

Read my full Shokz OpenFit Headphones review here.

Shockz OpenFit Headphones Buy The Shockz OpenFit headphones! Buy On Amazon

Nokia XR21

Do you work in a hazardous environment — or are you just a walking hazard to any phones you come into contact with? That’s the core market for Nokia/HMD Global’s super-tough Nokia XR21. RRP sits at $799, and Amazon’s got it at $696 at the time of writing — which is pretty nice!

Read my full Nokia XR21 review here.

Buy The Nokia XR21! Buy On Amazon

Samsung T9 SSD

If you want speed — and have the relevant fast enough USB ports to handle it — the Samsung T9 is a rather nice device — and getting it at a discount makes it even nicer. Official retail price is $249.95, but Amazon has it at $223.31 right now.

Here’s my full review of the Samsung T9 SSD.

Buy The Samsung T9 SSD! Buy On Amazon

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